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YOUR REFUND MAYBE LATE: Because of the law changes, taxpayers who claims the earned income credit or the additional child tax credit won’t be able to get their refund before February 15, 2017.






Thomas W. Wilkerson, the president of Circle Point Home Property Management Company talks about RICA SERVICES COMPANY! P (206) 729-3540. 

We saved him more than $3,000 on tax planning and are saving  him more than $2,500 annually!




SEATTLE TENANTS IMPROVEMENT INC- Chris Cronaurer: P. (425) 306-1666


- IRS Audit

- Tax Planning

- Taxes

- Accounting

- Business Formation

We saved him more than $15,000 on audit and are saving  him more than $6,500 annually!




ESE WINDOWS CLEANING COMPANY- Elias Sanchez: P. (206) 380-6335


- Tax Planning

- Taxes

- Accounting

- Business Formation

We saved him more than $10,000 on tax planning and are saving him more than $8,300 annually!



IRS Audit

“My prior tax preparer messed up my taxes and the IRS audited me. My tax preparer did something but was not able to reduce the amount, and I had to pay the IRS $39,000 for the three years of back taxes. After I hired RICA, the amount was decreased to $24,000. and later RICA recommended me on what to do to freeze the monthly payment because of my financial hardship. No Attorney, nor other professionals were not able to tell me what to do, but RICA told me and I followed what they recommended me to do and I did it! I am happy with the result and I recommend RICA!”  -Naomi.


“Under short sale, I sold my house in 2012, and the IRS sent me a bill for $147,000 tax due. I hired RICA and I only paid $7,500 total.  I recommend RICA!”  -Ali.


“In 2010, our tax preparer reported some income incorrectly and we had to pay the IRS $16,000 with penalties and interest. We hired several attorneys and they charged us but didn’t do anything. In 2013, we hired RICA  where they were able to get our $15,000 back plus a refund on top of that. At first, their fee was a little too high for me, but now, I can say that it was worth paying them because they went to the end to make us happy.”  -Ignacio!


L&I Audit

“We thought that it will be cheaper and better for us to do it ourselves when we got the audit letter from the L&I, but ending up paying L&I more than $26,000. However, RICA SERVICES COMPANY decreased such amount and we only paid $7,400.” Also, their prices were very good!”  - Chicas Roofing Inc


“Labor and Industries asked us to pay them more than $18,000 because we didn’t have needed evidences. We hired RICA SERVICES COMPANY and we only paid less than $5,000 to the L&I. It was worth it to hire RICA!” - K Single Improvements Inc


“We handled the L&I audit ourselves, and had to pay L&I $9,874.86, but thanks RICA, we only paid $4,882.29.” - ABS General Construction.


Department of Revenue Audit

“Our prior accountant told us to pay the Department of Revenue sales tax even when we didn’t have to and he said, “there is no way to get our money back that we overpaid.” After consulting with RICA, we were able to get $2,400 back of our overpayments.”  - Chicas Roofing Inc


“DOR audited us and asked us to pay them around $10,000, but after several days of meetings, RICA reduced this amount and we only paid the DOR $2,800.”  -Granite and Tile Inc



"I want to say thank you to this company and their truthful employees. They helped me a lot with  several IRS issues and raised my self-esteem based on their care to me. Several years I have been working with H & R Block and Liberty Tax, and every year I worked with them I had to pay to the IRS even though  I have a child; in fact, I owed a lot of taxes to the IRS for the last three years. This year I used RICA SERVICE and they amended all my returns for the last three years and resolved my issues. I do not owe anything now to the IRS and was able to get a refund for over $8,000.  Also, my ex-husband didn’t paid his child support to his ex-wife and the IRS took my refund to cover that balance, but RICA protected me and they released the full refund back to me.  I will never ever use tax companies other than RICA Services Company. THNAK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU GUYS!" - Nadia Perdalos.

P. (360) 286-8978.




“I really enjoyed working with RICA Services this year for our HOA tax filings for 2012.  I represent over 50 associations so it is great to have a company that can take on a good amount of work and take care of it in such a timely manner.  Alex Tsaruk was always available to take my calls and answer any questions that I might have.  All of this and done for a fantastic price.  I will definitely be using their services in the future!”Adrienne Corcoran, Property Manager, Circle Point Homes. 

P (206) 729-3540.




"I am really happy that I hired this company as my financial, tax and business adviser.  Alex Tsaruk is a really knowledgeable person. He gave me a lot of valuable tax , financial, investment and business advice. Also, I got a lot of useful recommendations about bankruptcy, and I didn't get these recommendations from any of my prior attorneys." - Berry C."

P. (206) 683-7515.




"My husband and I were so impressed when Alex, RICA’s tax preparer, gave us a lot of advice and recommendations in regards to the IRS’s audit related to our rental properties. Thank you so much.  You did a great job. We left your office happy." - Stacey C.

P. (253) 298-6953.




"Guzhumit Construction’s Cleaning Services really appreciates RICA’s help with our corporate and personal income taxes, as well as payroll services. Our business staff members and I personally want to say thank you for all of the hard work that you have been doing for us for several years already. Also, for your valued advice about our business formation, taxes and financial planning. We are always glad to refer your cervices  to our partners, friends, and families." - Margaret Guzhumit

P. (509) 280-3302.




"Since we started using your (RICA's) tax and audit services, we have always been happy with the work that you provide. We look forward to working with you this year again. Keep up the good work! Thank you!" CH Transportation, Inc 

P. (253) 632-3819. 




"Rica, all of my family and I really like you because of your honesty, responsibility and kindness.  We want to say thank you for helping us to resolve a lot of issues in regards to our family’s taxes, estate planning, bankruptcies, disputes, public notary services, and for giving us very good recommendations. We have known you guys for more than 6 years already and for all of these years, you have always helped us with any of the issues that our family has had."  - Tanya

P (206) 422-6456.




"Thank you RICA for your recommendations in regards to my business and personal planning. Also I want to say that you did a great job in preparing my power of attorney, forming my business and helped us to file our bankruptcy."  - Andrew T.S.A.

P. (206) 403-7760. 

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